Red Wine Holder 紅酒架

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Sales price: MYR$ 730.00
Sales price: MYR$ 730.00
SKU: AMS0007
Metal Sculpture, SKU: AMS0007

SKU: AMS0007  
藝術家 Artist :  許連城 KOH LIANG SIA

尺寸/Size: 20cmL X18cmWx14cmH
材料 Material:  上漆鐵 Mild Steel with painting
手工作品 Hand Made Artwork
重量 Weight: about 710g
生產年份 Production Year: 2002
規格 Specification :1 件/1組 (不含酒瓶); 1piece/set (excluded wine bottle)
内容 Words:

Red wine holder

Number KGs in packaging: 9999
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