Bamboo New Leaf 朱葉竹新晴者

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Sales price: MYR$ 4,800.00
Sales price: MYR$ 4,800.00
SKU: AIP0017
Chinese Ink Painting SKU: AIP0017

SKU: AIP0017 

藝術家 Artist :  王嘉堃 Ong Chia Koon


尺寸/Size: (130cmH X 70cmW)
材料 Material: 宣纸、墨 China Rice Paper, China ink
重量 Weight: about 50g, Packing: about 200g
生產年份 Production Year: 2012

狀態 Status: 已托底under pin upon delivery

NOTE: Artwork will be sealed by the artist upon delivery.


内容 Words:

朱葉竹新晴者/映墨君子乎  嘉堃一二


Bambo New Leaf

Number KGs in packaging: 9999
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