Pa'ang Boon Kien

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About Artist Ms.Pa'ang Boon Kien (洪文娟女士)

1997年畢業于吉隆坡美術學院(KLCA),師承院長謝有錫畫家、謝有成陶瓷藝術家、黎農生藝術家、 粱志祥畫家、陳鴻利畫家等等。感激當年院長及教授們無私的付出及教導,才有今天的我。

畢業後, 利用兩年事業空窗期,跑遍全國及國外游學,觀摩及參考世界各地的美術教育發展, 罃得應該把我國美術教育的方向,進入正確系統軌道。

1999年創辦了 “紅豆宇教育藝術文化企業”,開辦了多項美術課程,也陸續開辦幾間分行。我深信嚴格的標準是系統化的要求。所以偽論在管理、行政、師資、品質、培訓、教材、講座、  寫生、活動等等都做到盡善盡美。

在邁入第十二周年期間,心裡不斷在思考20世紀初,偉大的康丁斯基提出的 "點、線、面"論點。從那時起,思緒徘徊在"點、線、, 面"及霍金博士提出宇宙黑洞的理論, 只有在宇宙里, 才能找到最大的空間,讓咱們發揮。

真正宇宙美術專業,簡稱為“ 正宇美專”正式在2011年誕生了,為中學畢業生提供純美藝術系課程、油畫、壓克力、素描、水彩興趣課程.

此外, 師訓課程也是我們的重點推介。“ 正宇美專”也設有畫廊展示空間,讓畫家及學生們有個地方可以展出作品及舉辦活動。

精神文明的建設是促進世界文明發展的重要橋樑,許多國家把藝術文化創意視為一項替代高科技發展, 為國家賺取大量外匯,促進旅游事業的項目發展.


I graduated from the Kuala Lumpur Collage of Art (KLCA) in 1997 with the aspiration to emulate President Mr. Cheah Yew Saik adn Artist Mr. Cheah Yeow Seng, Mr. Lai Long Seng, Mr Leong Chee Siow and Mr. Tan Hoong Lee. I am truly grateful to selflessness of the dean and professors for all the invaluable knowledge imported to me and for creating what i am today.

"Space Art Drawing & Art" - founded in 1999. During centre's 12th anniversary, my mind kept thinking of the early 20th century and the point, line & surface arguments of the great artist Kadinsky. His thoughts were about the geometrical elements that make an art work-point, line and surface and their inner effect on the observer. Then, hawking came up with the theories to discover that the universe is ever expanding - the outer space is so large. These two combine to give us infinite ideas in art.

"Zheng Yu" in Mandarin means the universe of art. Zheng Yu Art Professional was officially born 2011 as an academy of pure art, offering courses for secondary school leavers such as oil paint, acrylic, drawings, water colour and various other interesting courses. One of the highlights at Zheng Yu Art Professional is our teacher's training program. Besides, Zheng Yu Art professional also has an exhibition gallery where artists, teachers and students can exhibit their works and activities.

Spiritual development is an important bridge to promote the growth of a civilization rich in artistic and cultural creativity. As an alternative to high tech development for the country, this enrichment in artistic and cultural creativity can trigger the development of art tourism and help contribute to the country's economy.


“ 清靜、分享”

走過靈魂之窗, 穿越時空, 荐新思想,延續日本的動畫家宮崎駿先生及來自台灣的繪畫家兼畫家幾米先生。


水-占了世界最大的面積,也給了很好的題材,讓我發揮,而且決定走出基本的繪畫臨 汰,用了三年時間觀察大自然、水的紋理,終于創作了這系列油畫,名為“ 清靜、分享”。

"Calm. Reveal"

Through the window of the soul, through time and space come innovative ideas, as demonstrated by the works of Japanese animator, Mr. Hayao Miyazaki and Taiwanese artist, Mr. Jimmy. Their works are very well knownwithin the art circle. Their works bring the adaptation of our minds and thoughts as we travel through space and time like a story that builds up slowly, then the tension rises but suddenly, everything disappears into the thin air.

Water-a substance that accounts for the largest area on earth, giving us a very good theme and allows us to experiment with teh textures which is why i decided to explore & observe the nature of water for three years and finally created a series of oil paintings so called - "Calm. Reveal".