Koh Liang Sia

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About Artist Mr Koh Liang Sia (許連城先生) 



國籍: 馬來西亞華人。祖籍潮州潮安。

職業: 藝術愛好及創作者。




媒介      :金屬螞蟻雕塑


小時候, 螞蟻是他的"玩具"。


長大了,再看螞蟻,發現它們和諧友愛,一對觸角時刻與give me five ,沒有人晶勾心鬥角,爾欺我虞。



Artist: Koh Liang Sia

•Since the 1980s, lantern creation to start their art career. Lantern idea is a combination of daily life as a theme, created to cater to the different times of the lantern works and participated in numerous Mid-Autumn Festival lantern competitions, winning numerous.
1990s, began his ink career, study a variety of positions of the fish in the water game into its ink, like the depth of its habitat, the Senate in 1995 5 members jointed exhibition. Representative works: Fishes; together; love fish; fish sketch
2002, the daily life began to study ants caused by a variety air inspired, and metallic materials as a theme to create a series of metal ant sculptures, deep dynamic and interesting.
Medium: metal ant sculptures
Synopsis: Ants Family Music Series

Child, the ants are his "toys".
See the ants carry the leaves to carry food, know how to power in unity, learning ant "Tarzan the spirit.
Grow up, look at the ants, and found them harmonious and friendly, always give me a pair of antennae at five, no one crystal intrigue, Seoul bully Yu.
Into the middle-aged, look at the ants, is willing to Q The life, the heart of the artist create the only fiber which ants, is still a model of attendance bonus, but a, he inadvertently caused the loss of a drift in the water group ants .... .